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IMAGINE  you are a young man,

a “fuse runner,” whose job it is to light fuses

and run as fast as you can to stay alive…

and then, do it all again.

It is 1866 in the Sierra Nevada.

This is the world of GOLD MOUNTAIN.

A world where danger is an everyday occurrence.

A world where Love is salvation.

Where one woman can change the lives of all she touches.

GOLD MOUNTAIN  is a love story, backdropped against key moments during the construction of America's first continental railroad - tunneling through the Sierra Nevada, a deadly winter of continued construction in the mountains, and the strike called by the Chinese laborers that spring.

A HISTORICAL ROMANCE that melds the sound and form of the American musical with elements of Chinese opera, Far Eastern mythology, Confucian ideology and the poetry of Chinese language idioms.


JULY 2017

We've received a grant to do a workshop at the MASIE Center for technology research as their Masie e-Studio project for 2017. Their mission is "To provide technology support for a group of theater creatives and performers to further the development of a play/show – working together from multiple geographies."

OCTOBER 21, 2017

GOLD MOUNTAIN will be presented as a staged concert reading at the Times Center in New York with a full cast, spearheaded by Baayork Lee's National Asian Artists Project and co-produced by Prospect Theatre Company with Broadway star Ali Ewoldt leading the company.

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