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In May of 2019 Gold Mountain was brought to Utah for four performances, as one of the key cultural events during the Spike150 celebrations, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the completion of the world's first Transcontinental Railroad. 

2019 SIZZLE REEL - 90 seconds

Below are bite-sized excerpts from our Utah performances in 2019 and  from our 2017 TimesCenter concert in New York City, co-produced by Prospect Theater Company and National Asian Artists Project.

Act One


1. "The Fuse Runner" - Utah, 2019

2. "Back In China" - Utah, 2019

3. "Shame" - New York City, 2017

4. "Practical" - Utah, 2019

Act Two


6. "Practical/Shame" (reprise) - Utah, 2019

7. "Strike" - New York City, 2017

8. "What Would Have Been" - Utah, 2019

News segment & interview for Spike150

5. "Your Eyes" - Utah, 2019

Complete Spike 150 performance - May 10th, 2019

Note: Actors union regulations require security protection for the full-length video. Please contact us for password.   (Live, unedited video of complete performance below with unmixed feed from our soundboard.)

GALLERY: Performance photos from the staged concert presentations for Spike150 in Salt Lake City and Ogden.  Photos by Lia Chang

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