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IMAGINE  you are a young man, a “fuse runner,”

whose job it is to light fuses and run as fast as you can to stay alive…

and then, do it all again.

                       It is 1866 in the Sierra Nevada. Thousands of Chinese men

                       are building the world's first Transcontinental Railroad.

                       One woman arrives, and changes the lives of all she touches.


The world premiere production of Gold Mountain, was presented by Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival in the fall of 2021. More details here.

While in rehearsal for the production,      Jason received the ASCAP Foundation  Harold Adamson Award for music theater lyric writing.

The Utah state legislature presented Gold Mountain with a special citation honoring all involved for their contributions to the heritage, culture, and historical narrative of the state, as well as "increasing the appreciation of what it means to be American..."

Photo by Lia Chang

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